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Sandra started working at Hammett Street Vets in 1998. She was a veterinary nurse for seven years before becoming the surgery's practice manager. Prior to working at Hammett Street Vets, Sandra worked at the Townsville Animal Refuge (formerly the RSPCA Animal Shelter). Outside of work, Sandra dedicates her time to her grandchildren, her animals and her beautiful garden.

Sandra has just recently taken a step back from the position of practice manager and is now working from home to spend more time with family. You may still catch Sandra around the clinic from time to time though.
Sandra Evans

DR MAX KADEL - Veterinarian/Owner

Dr Max has been a Vet at Hammett Street since 2004. He completed his Veterinary qualification in 1994 at the University of Queensland before moving to Townsville in 2000. Dr Max enjoys doing soft tissue surgery and has a special interest in reptiles but is also known around town for his work with birds. Max has two geriatric cats called ‘Skiddy’ and ‘Zed’ who constantly test his feline psychology skills!

Max has a passion for travel and adventure and in his spare time, can often be found in the great outdoors hiking, kayaking or on his mountain bike. He has been on adventures in Australia, New Zealand, The Solomon Islands, Vanuatu, Fiji, PNG and Europe. But don’t ask him about it or he’ll talk your head off.
Dr Max Kadel

Amber Blank- Practice manager / Cert. IV Veterinary nurse

Amber joined the Hammett Street Vets team in mid 2014. She started vet nursing in 2009 and completed her Certificate IV in 2012. After completing her studies in Townsville, she worked in Darwin for a year before returning to Townsville. She has two “brown dogs” named Winnie (pictured) and Jacky Bobby, a calico cat called Martha (a Kelso stray who was dumped at a clinic where she worked), two cockatiels, four chookies and fish. Amber has a strong interest in birds and snakes and her favourite part of the job is dental nursing and spending the boss’s money on nice new equipment for everyone to play with.

In her downtime, Amber enjoys gardening, camping or relaxing at home in her big back yard with her family and friends.

Amber has just recently stepped into the position of practice manager and is enjoying the new challenges that come with looking after the clinic and the people that she loves.
Amber Blank


Dr Rachel joined the Hammett Street team in January of 2018. She graduated from Massey University in New Zealand in 2010. She has worked in general practice and as an emergency vet in Queensland. She enjoys working with all different types of dogs and cats but has a special interest in cats and a love for pugs.

You will often find Rachel somewhere in the clinic with her head buried in a textbook, researching some complicated medicine case that she is involved with. Rachel is our head vet and is an absolute rock star when it comes to medicine.

When she is not crazy busy at work, she will probably be crazy busy at home with her husband and three little boys. In her down time Rach enjoys going away on camping trips with her family. Rachel has two dogs named Toby (pictured) and Thor, and a cat named Squishy.
Dr. Rachel Greenhill

Lisa Wood- Cert. IV Veterinary nurse

Lisa has been a nurse at Hammett Street Vets since 2012 and is a familiar face for many of our long-term clients with whom she has developed a strong rapport over the years. Before that, Lisa worked at the RSPCA for three years as an animal attendant. Lisa has also done volunteer work in Africa, in an animal refuge, caring for cheetahs, meerkats, foxes, donkeys, birds and other African wildlife. Lisa has always had a strong passion for animal welfare since working at the RSPCA and this is seen in the careful attention she gives to the patients in her care. At work she mostly enjoys assisting in surgery and the nursing of our hospitalised patients.

At home Lisa has a cat named Pepper who is a Maine Coon cross and a Boxer cross named Willow, both are rescues from the RSPCA. She also has a Bull Arab cross named Ace who was surrendered to the clinic (all pictured).

Lisa finds great pleasure and relaxation in the great outdoors and loves to go camping with her husband and friends in some of the beautiful local forests and national parks or going swimming in a crystal-clear creek.
Lisa Wood

Rhiannan Beaven- Cert. IV Veterinary nurse

Rhiannan has been at Hammett Street Vets since early 2014. She has always wanted to work with animals and before starting here has previously volunteered at the RSPCA and has worked at Beaches Pet Resort. Rhiannan has completed a Certificate II and III in Animal Studies and also has her Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing. Rhiannan is very dedicated to caring for and hand raising any orphaned puppy or kitten that comes into the clinic, until they are ready to go to their new homes.

Rhiannan’s nursing style can be described as very “hands on”. She is always super keen to jump in and get her hands dirty, the grosser the procedure the better. If there’s pus or maggots, she will be there. She loves surgical and dental nursing and is very skilled at pathology.

At home she has a wolfhound called Odin, a bull terrier/shih tzu/American staffy cross called Crumpet, a red collared lorikeet named Taj, an affectionate cat named Gavin and two blue tongue lizards called Tank and Tiny. In her spare time Rhiannan likes to relax with friends and enjoys being in the great outdoors.
Rhianan Beaven

Courtney Schutt- Cert. IV Veterinary nurse

Courtney joined the Hammett Street Vets team in late 2017, after completing a placement with us. We were so impressed with her work that we hired her as soon as we could. She was previously in the Defence Force as a medic, but her love of animals was too strong, so she chose to become a Veterinary Nurse instead. Courtney has now completed her Certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing. She has a special interest in macropods and has fostered many orphaned joeys.

Courtney excels in surgical nursing where she is highly organised and can be relied upon to give the highest level of care to her surgical and hospital patients. Her background in human nursing means she’s also very handy to have around when one of the humans hurt themselves. Courtney is a sensitive and caring nurse and has been described as a calming presence during difficult times of loss for clients and their families.

At home, Courtney has a deaf Border Collie x Cattle Dog named Winter, a Rottweiler called George, a blue tongue lizard called Badger, four chookies and lots of fish. Courtney enjoys playing soccer, netball, fishing and generally enjoying the great outdoors with her husband and friends.
Courtney Schutt

Emma Abel- Veterinary nurse

Emma started at Hammett Street Vets in early 2019. She grew up in Mount Isa and before this job she was working in the underground gold mining industry for about five years. This significant change in career came from her lifelong passion for animals and their welfare. She is currently studying her certificate IV in Veterinary Nursing.

Emma is one tough cookie on first impression, but we can assure you, when it comes to animals, she is soft and gooey on the inside. She is definitely a joker in the clinic and is always good for a laugh and for keeping everyone in good spirits. Even though she likes a joke at times, Emma takes animal welfare very seriously. She has a keen interest in hospital and intensive care and is in her element when charged with the care of critically ill patients.

Emma enjoys outdoor activities such as camping and fishing with friends. At home Emma has three fur babies; a King Charles cavalier X corgi named Odie, (pictured) and two cats called Jasper and Luna that are failed fosters.
Emma Abel

Sarah Coller- Cert. IV Veterinary nurse

Sarah started at Hammett Street Vets in early 2019. She moved here from Kalbar (a little country town about 30 minutes out of Ipswich) in order to grow and expand her experience as a vet nurse. She had just completed her Cert IV before starting with us and was still very fresh and new to the job. We weren’t sure how she’d go in our very busy clinic filled with big personalities. Turns out Sarah is an amazing nurse who absolutely excels at her job. She is in her element when it comes to customer service and will absolutely go out of her way to help people. Sarah has grown so much in her time with us and is now a highly skilled nurse. We know that our patients are in good hands with her. Sarah is also our puppy pre-school coordinator. She is looking forward to getting back into that once the COVID restrictions are eased.

Sarah is very family oriented and really misses having her close family nearby, she especially misses her little doggo named Pup (pictured) who is a mini fox terrier. Sarah can often be found wandering through the clinic with a random kitten or puppy that she has stolen out of a client’s arms while they are waiting for their appointment.
Sarah Coller

Dr Rebekah Gale – Veterinarian

We first met Bek when she was a student doing placement with us. When we heard she was graduating at the end of 2019, we knew we had to snatch her up before someone else did.

Now we know she may seem young and sweet, but we can assure you that Bek is more than just a pretty face. Since starting with us in December, Dr Bek has proven time and again that she can handle even the toughest medicine cases and long difficult surgeries without losing her cool. She has quickly established herself as a crucial member of the Hammett Street Team.

Bek has two doggo’s named Gabe and Koda (pictured) and a naughty tortie cat named Mia. While she mainly sees dogs and cats here at Hammett Street, Bek is more than happy to see reptiles and pocket pets too. She has also become a regular chicken and pigeon vet over the last few months.
Dr Rebekah Gale

Dr Lauren Franey – Veterinarian

Lauren started with us in early 2020. She studied here at JCU and graduated in 2018. Since then Lauren has worked in the Hunter Valley in a mixed animal practice, working mainly with horses but also with cows, sheep, alpacas and goats. She has done some volunteer work in India too, desexing street dogs.

Lauren is originally from Port Macquarie in NSW, she has even worked in the Koala Hospital they have there. Growing up on the coast, Lauren never likes to stay away from the beach for too long. She likes going camping and enjoying the great outdoors with friends and family.

Lauren has recently adopted a staffy x puppy named Sadie who takes up most of her spare time. She is just like a naughty toddler at the moment.

Lauren loves being a dog doctor and has proven herself as a highly skilled member of the Hammett Street team.

Dr Lauren Franey

Shalana Wedrat- Veterinary nurse

Shalana is the newest addition to our Hammett street team. She had placement here in late 2019. Needless to say, she fit right into our dynamic and as soon as a place came up in March 2020, we asked her to join our team. Shalana grew up in Kurrimine beach. She moved here with her husband in 2018, and prior to working here, she worked at The Cowboys Leagues Club.

Shalana is currently studying her Cert. III in Veterinary nursing and is quickly developing into a formidable vet nurse. She is a fast learner and willing to give anything a go. She is highly organised and excels at customer service. She is compassionate and caring and an absolute sucker for anything fluffy. She would be happy to adopt each and every stray or surrender, any day of the week. Not sure if her husband understands what he’s in for now that she works here…
Shalana always gives our patients and clients the highest level of attention and you can be sure that your fluff babies are safe in her careful hands.

At home Shalana has a Siberian husky named Navajo and a cat named Nitro. She enjoys going to the beach and exploring new places with her husband and family.
Shalana Wedrat